As an online store and generally as people in this world, we have the duty to actively participate in environmental protection and to meet the ecological responsibility. For us it is important to act responsibly and future-oriented as a participant in the global market. Right now it is important to participate in the protection of nature and the environment.

We subscribe to the mission statement: “No Planet B!”

Natural resources must be protected and preserved so that our environment can recover and continue to remain intact. Future generations should also benefit from the prosperity of a functioning nature. As an online retailer, we want to combine our ecological and economic goals and pursue a sustainability strategy. Our business activities have a constant impact on the environment, which we want to keep positive in the long term. Crucial roles play here the CO2 footprint that we leave on the world and the resource consumption of the earth.

Key point for us is shipping. Our goods are packed in neutral boxes, which is protected by filling material. For us, the highest priority when packing the items is that the order arrives safely and in one piece to the customer.

Personally, we have been avoiding plastic packaging for a long time. The cardboard packaging and the padding material are made exclusively of cardboard and paper and are therefore completely biodegradable. We also do not use any synthetic material for sealing. Environmentally friendly paper strips are used, which work with a starch-based adhesive. We receive plastic padding only from other dealers, in the form of filling material. This, of course, we reuse for our packages.
Nevertheless, we also encourage our suppliers to avoid plastic and unnecessary packaging as much as possible and appeal to their green conscience.

We are always trying to find new approaches to produce less waste or to use unnecessary material. Recycling is essential and the basis on which to build. Reusing any packaging materials is not only ecologically very valuable, but also economically. Unnecessarily spending a lot of money on packaging material and paying for the disposal costs is very uneconomical.

We therefore try to fully recycle packaging and filling material that we receive from other dealers. A circular economy is an important part of the company’s vision. In this way, a lot of waste paper can be reused instead of ending up uselessly in the garbage.

In order to save waste even more effectively, a new investment is planned. In the future, all waste paper that can still be used will be shredded and used as ecologically valuable filling material. Disposable packaging will thus find a new use. Positive for the environment and also for us. Unfortunately, the only disadvantage is that shredding produces a certain amount of dust. It will be unavoidable that the items protected by the shredded padding material will sometimes get a little dusty. However, in no way will this affect the quality of the products. We hope that our customers will be able to overlook this small flaw, because it is, after all, in the spirit of environmental protection.

In order to make the shipping of the packages also environmentally friendly, we participate in the GoGreen program of DHL. Unfortunately, making transport and logistics more ecological is still a challenge for many. As a contribution to improve this, we pay an additional sum, which is then invested by DHL in climate protection projects. In this way alone, over 40 tons of CO2 emissions could be offset in 2021. You can read about the projects in the certificate below or on